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Bali Update News and Information about property and investment in Bali Island

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How to Apply Visa To Bali

How To Apply Business Visa 6 months  ( single entry) to Bali Indonesia Because of this Pandemic Covid-19, the only Visa You Can apply to Visit Bali Island of Indonesia Is Business Visa (single Entry) Document needed: The Documents Needed to apply for a Business visa to Bali Indonesia include: 1.Colored scan of passport Biodata […]

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Leasing vs Renting Vs Buying Properties in Bali

What Is The Different between Leasehold VS Rental and Buying Properties In Bali Before you go further to choose properties in Bali, good to know about the different between buying, renting, and leasing. 1.Buying  What is buying Property In Bali? Buying mean is to buy the properties which is become yours forever and you will […]

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Rupiah Weak Investor advantage

Advantages For Any Investor Would Like to Invest especially in Bali Island, as Rupiah down to Rp.12,755 /US$1 . this number is unbelievable as telling by : The rupiah interbank trade rate in Jakarta at Friday’s closing session appreciated by 46 basis points to Rp 12,755 per US dollar, up from the previous Rp 12,801 […]

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Bali Bamboo Farm Village

Our In Coming Project Bali Bamboo farm Village concept:                             The Layout :                                           Villa Location On Map :       […]

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