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How to Apply Visa To Bali

How To Apply Business Visa 6 months  ( single entry) to Bali Indonesia

visa bali
how to apply visa in Bali island

Because of this Pandemic Covid-19, the only Visa You Can apply to Visit Bali Island of Indonesia Is Business Visa (single Entry)

Document needed:

The Documents Needed to apply for a Business visa to Bali Indonesia include:

1.Colored scan of passport Biodata page
2.Colored passport size photograph
3.Copy of the bank statement (a PDF file including the date, applicant’s name, bank name, and account balance equal to at least USD 1,500)
4.Return flight ticket or booking to Jakarta (return ticket must be within 59 days)
5.Address of stay in Indonesia (you can use your quarantine hotel address)
6.Card or certificate of vaccination (fully vaccinated with exemption for children under 12 years old)
7.Results of health examination that shows free from infectious diseases (can be obtained from General Practitioner)
8.Travel and/or health insurance that covers your stay
9.Signed statement letter to comply with health protocol of Indonesia

10. PT/Company Sponsor Letter ( This Document Provided By Us)

All Those papers Must be in English.

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